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Influencer Marketing Agency Hanover

Influencers – just a hype passing by? It does not look like it! Nowadays, most people know influencers from social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Many kids and teenagers even want to become a professional influencer in the future themselves. It is no longer deniable - the innovative marketing concept has made a name for itself. As the influencer agency for Hanover, we support your new advertising strategies by initiating contact between you and promising influencers!

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What Is An Influencer?

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Back to the beginning: What exactly is an influencer? An influencer is a content producer on social media with great reach and loyal followers who care a lot about the opinions and recommendations of this person. An influencer entertains and convinces his or her followers by creating unique, exciting and high quality content on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube regularly. The topic of an influencer’s channel can be everything from beauty, fashion, fitness, but also gaming or technology - influencers simply follow their passion or hobby. In their field, these social media stars are genuine professionals and often inspire many followers. This is why influencers are so interesting for companies worldwide. With their product ratings they have a massive impact on purchasing decisions of their loyal fans in Germany and all over the world. In a Statista survey from 2016, 50 % of 14 to 19 year-olds said that over the last twelve months they had purchased at least one product recommended to them by an influencer. For this reason, our influencer agency Hanover helps you get in touch with promising social media personalities! With our service, you can book an influencer who can optimally present your product to the target group!


How effective is Influencer Marketing?


Benefits Of Influencer Marketing...

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In return, an influencer integrates the products of your company in Hanover in his or her content. Influencers present your product nicely in creative pictures on Instagram or test them intensively in unboxing videos on YouTube. With good ratings and recommendations, an influencer positively influences the purchasing decisions in your favor as the partnering company. Companies can benefit immensely from the reach and influence a social media star has. A creative influencer, whose community is your target group, can mean a gold mine for you!


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Where do I find influencers for Marketing in Hanover?

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But where do I find the right influencer? You could either spend hours of browsing through social media – or simply book an influencer at our marketing agency Hanover! As an experienced marketing agency in Hanover, we know what to look at in the mediation process and how influencers and companies can work together synergistically. For the right “match” there is no need for a fitness- or beauty guru with millions of followers. In general, highly overpriced advertising partners do not necessarily represent your product better than a newcomer with “only” several thousand followers. In fact, so called “micro influencers” are often especially ambitious and connect with their fans on a more personal level. The content produced by micro influencers can be top-notch as well and does not appear “off the rack” – and that is why their posts are rarely just scrolled by, but they really grab the attention of their community – this way, they effectively influence the audience’s consumer choice. So in a nutshell, micro influencers should not be underestimated!


How to: become an influencer in Hanover